JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Election security is the focus of a recent audit to make sure Jasper County voters are getting the results they deserve.

“I’ve voted in every election I was eligible for since 1976,” said Patty Moss, Jasper Co. Voter.

Election Day is something Jasper County Voter Patti Moss never misses.

“Voted for president. Voted for city elections, schools. Really interested in the local elections – you know, it’s about my community,” she said.

And the results of the races are the focus of a recent election audit in Jasper County. The state now requires counties to get an outside audit of the vote and how it could be affected on online issues.

“Penetration intrusion to make sure nobody can hack our system, to what brand of equipment that we use, what model of equipment that we use. Is all of our equipment updated as far as the security our Windows systems updated. We go through the entire process,” said Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk.

The cyber audit shows high marks for the voting process in Jasper County. It marks the second year to review how elections are run. County Clerk Charlie Davis says not only has the overall score improved from the first audit, but it’s one of the top scores in country for counties audited by Apollo Information Systems.

“I was told by the company that does the audits that there are only two counties in the country that they have audited that it had higher scores than we did. And it’s because the staff has good processes the way that we do things,” said Davis.

The cyber audit of election security is a recent requirement at the state level — meaning all Missouri counties are now ensuring their elections are protected from online issues.