JOPLIN, Mo. — Some of Santa’s helpers made a special stop Sunday in Joplin.

Nearly 100 bikers with the “Dog Pack” motorcycle group rode to the “Lafayette House” carrying presents for kids.

Each biker had at least one gift with them, totaling more than 100 presents.

It’s something the group has done for 17 years in a row.

The “Lafayette House” will set up a Christmas shop for their clients to come to pick out gifts for their children.

And it’s all to ensure every family enjoys Christmas.

“It’s huge for our organization, huge for our community for them to think of Lafayette House and our clients and be able to serve them in a way this holiday season,” said Chelsea Conley, Development Director, Lafayette House.

“With us, it’s kind of hard to sleep at night knowing that we got warm beds and gifts for our children and not, you know, for other kids. So, we try to chip in where we can this way everybody else could have a great Christmas… whatever we can to help out,” said Roy Moore, Dog Pack Motorcycle Group Member.

The “Dog Pack” doesn’t stop there though, throughout the season, they’ll make seven deliveries to area organizations in need of Christmas gifts.

And if you are interested in donating gifts or wish list items, you can visit their website here.