CARTHAGE, Mo. — Demolition is now complete at a longtime fixture in Carthage. A contractor removed the grandstands at Carl Lewton Stadium — also known as Rock Stadium.

Workers were able to preserve some of the west side wall, but took down the rest of the condemned structure. The baseball field itself is still usable.

Plans are in the works to install new fencing. City workers are also brainstorming ideas to preserve memories of the old grandstand.

“There have been some of those rocks preserved to be able to do something, I don’t think anybody is quite certain what that will look like. But we’ll figure that out in the future as well,” said Abi Almandinger, Carthage Parks & Recreation Director.

The stadium was deemed unsafe in February, which led to the demolition.

City workers are also looking at installing a concrete pad at the demo site to pave the way for future use.