A Southeast Kansas community is sure to be in the Christmas spirit after today.

It was the “2022 Holiday Extravaganza” by the “Southeast Kansas Symphony” held at the “Bicknell Family Center for the Arts.”

The symphony showcases incredible talent between university students, graduate students, and even community members.

Today’s performance offered a variety of classic Christmas songs with amazing vocalists and dance performances, all to ensure no one left feeling like a Grinch.

“It’s really amazing the amount of Christmas spirit this is triggered because we hear from people all the time, ‘Well, it’s warm outside and it doesn’t really feel like December,’ and then they come to this concert and walk away saying, ‘I think I need to go Christmas shopping!’ All of our concerts are designed to bring joy and to bring the community together,” said Joseph Firman, Director, Bicknell Family Center for the Arts.

If you’re still not in the Christmas mood – the “Bicknell Family Center for the Arts” has some more Christmas performances to come.

For a full list of those events, we have a link to their website here.