FRONTENAC, Kans. — Many Kansas republican lawmakers spent their Saturday evening discussing key matters. It all happened at the “Pallucas Event Hall” in Frontenac.

Current politicians in attendance included representative Jake Laturner and representative Ken Collins.

Some future prospective politicians also attended, along with members of the general public.

A formal dinner was also served.

Community members had a chance to speak with the legislators from District 13 and discuss what they all hope to see happen.

“I think it’s good that the elected officials can make connections with people here, rather than just reading a press release that they put out. It’s good for them to make connections with people and talk about the issues that they’re fighting for,” said Roger Lomshek, Crawford County Republican Party Communications Director.

A similar event will take place tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the Columbus High School auditorium.

This time, a new senator for the 13th district will be elected to finish off the nearly two years in senator Richard Hilderband’s current term.