GIRARD, Kan. — A community met for the second time to discuss a potential tax increase.

The Girard Fire and Police Department held a meeting to discuss the half-cent public safety tax proposal on the upcoming November 7th ballot. The tax would be equally split between the police and fire departments. Funds from the tax would go to the purchase and equipping of two new police cars and one new fire truck, as well as major renovations to the Adair Building.

“We’re planning on maybe turning it in, moving the police department and the court and everything over to this building, redoing the building and moving it over there to give them more room and a more secure facility,” said Mickey Pyle, Mayor of Girard.

If passed, the tax would take effect on April 1st, 2024, and continue until December of 2034. The city will hold one more discussion forum on November 2nd at the Girard Fire Department.