PITTSBURG, Kan. — The Crawford County Mental Health Center recently welcomed a new Advanced Practice Registered Nurse that will allow them to provide additional services they weren’t able to before.

With the new addition of Stacey Bacon to the agency, Crawford County Mental Health will now be able to provide medication management. Families looking for therapy, case management, or medication management can now get services in-house, instead of being referred to an outside source. Bacon will be able to evaluate the patient and assess whether or not they’re in need of medication.

“It’s really beneficial, primarily because they’re getting all of the services under one roof. Which is convenient for a lot of our families they don’t have to go to different places. But I think also just continuity of care, so the therapist will be able to collaborate with the med provider, collaborate with the case manager,” said Bill Howell.

Howell said overall this new service enhances what they’re able to provide for families.