BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — We’ve all heard about jails and the stories of people inside them — but at one Southeast Kansas law enforcement agency, there’s a different kind of lock-up.

There’s a “Stuffed Animal Jail” inside the “Baxter Springs Police Department”.

Officer Rhanda Andrews collaborated with a recent graduate of “Baxter Springs High School”, who made this in her school woodshop class.

It’s full of over 300 soft and comfy characters for children that have been through traumatic situations.

Baxter Springs officers also keep stuffed animals in their patrol vehicles to help provide comfort and healing on the scene for kids that have experienced a terrible event.

“You know, sometimes it’s a leap of joy and you know, a great big hug. And sometimes it’s, you know, they’re sometimes sad in the situation, so they may smile, but still be depressed about the issues going on, but you can see that it helps comfort them anyway,” said Officer Rhanda Andrews, Baxter Springs Police Department.

Community members and organizations have contributed stuffed animals for the jail.

If you’d like to donate, call the department at 620-856-2146 first to make sure they have enough room.