GALENA, Kan. — Galena High School partnered with local first responders to conduct a surprise mock car crash.

The school and emergency services put on this mock crash every four years.

The scenario this year, was a two-car crash, with two fatalities. Student council members acted as drivers and passengers.

The rest of the students were surprised by an emergency announcement over the intercom. The secretary made the 911 call.

Then the police, EMTs, fire department as well as emergency and air medical transport all responded.

“It’s one thing for law enforcement or emergency responders to speak to students about the importance of safe driving habits, but this gives them a first-hand look at what the chaos of a car crash could look like with the potential consequences of that,” said Sheriff David Groves.

“The goal is to get to the students just knowing that there are consequences for every single action, particularly in driving. And not just impaired but texting and driving is a very big deal. Having a group of friends in your car that distract you. So any sort of impaired or distractive driving,” said Ashley Groves.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves says it also benefits all first responders who participated, giving them a nonserious situation to practice their roles and communicate with one another.

“As far as first responders it gives us an opportunity to work with our partners and fire department, city police, ambulance services, and medical helicopters in a nonserious situation. But it allows us to practice and coordinate with one another which is what each entity will do in an instance like this,” said David Groves.

Students say the mock crash can be beneficial to their futures.

“I think it’s really good to see this especially still in high school when we’re first learning how to really drive and first time being on the roads to see what it’s like whenever a serious situation on the roads goes on,” said Blayze McNemar.

“I feel like having to know like, what’s all going to happen what are the scenarios, and so on, so on. I mean I feel like it could just be a big part and it can help you like know what’s gonna happen during that fatal crash or just any crash,” said Tyler Little.