COLUMBUS, Kans. — A southeast Kansas native is developing new housing opportunities across the country. Columbus has become the testing site for this project.

After facing problems finding her own home, Abby Nelson decided to take matters into her own hands. Now, her dream is slowly becoming a reality before her very eyes in her hometown, with the first Micromansion under construction right now.

“This is our first standing it up, making sure it goes together right, making sure our instructions make sense that we would send to a builder,” said Abby Nelson, Micromansion Founder.

For years Columbus native Abby Nelson has been trying to find a new approach to the current housing market prices. And now, her first Micromansion is coming together.

“We’re providing them as a kit option that can be shipped to any site anywhere, stood up by any contractor or any DIY homeowner,” said Nelson.

Her company assembles the walls of these five to eight-hundred-square-foot homes in a warehouse before sending them off to be built in another location for construction. So what would take a couple of months, could be completed in a matter of weeks.

“This first floor of walls went up in four hours with three guys, so it goes up really quickly,” she added.

The idea behind Micromansions came to Nelson years ago after she was having issues finding the right home in Wichita.

“If it was in my price range it was a complete gut and needed a lot of work, or it was way too expensive, brand new, and too much square footage for what I needed. So I started designing something that would work for me and looking for land to put it on, and the more designs I came up with, the more people were interested in it and so it just grew into a company from there. It’s really cool to do this in my hometown, we have so much support and excitement around it and so that’s what really keeps us going and keeps us amped about the project,” Nelson said.

The home is currently in the testing phase — but once it’s finished, Nelson hopes the whole community will get the chance to see it.

“We’re going to have an open house so people can come see it when it’s done, and then we’re also going to keep it as an Airbnb for a while so people can try it out,” said Nelson.

Nelson says if this testing process is successful, her company could then start buying more supplies. This would then help them further cut down the costs of construction even more.