COLUMBUS, Kan. — A new addition to Mercy Columbus Hospital is celebrated.

It’s a new outpatient physical therapy building, which was welcomed with a formal blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremony, Thursday morning. The 2,400-square-foot facility is located directly across from the hospital.

Officials said there was a high demand for physical therapy but not enough space to house everyone who needed it. Patients like Jerry Midgett told us he’s been looking forward to the addition for quite some time.

“More convenient and closer. And yeah, this time I’m not on the road as much and stuff like that. Yeah,” said Midgett.

“People realize that they can come get their therapy, go back to work, go back to school wherever they need to be. And it’s just right here in town. And now with this space, we’ve been able to bring more equipment, offer more services where even, you know, before we weren’t able to see them to some degree,” said Angie Saporito, Mercy Columbus Hospital Administrator.

Hospital officials said another new addition is in the works and will be unveiled, celebrated, and blessed in about 6 months.