GALENA, Kan. — A local artist is hitting the streets of Galena, for her second community project in the last month.

“I love Galena,” said Sandra Pemberton, local artist.

It’s been a busy month for local artist Sandra Pemberton, as she’s wrapping up her second project in the Galena area, within the past month.

Her last job was the train-themed mural inside of the “Galena Mining and History Museum”, which city organizers enjoyed so much, it left them wanting more.

“We looked at it, and was like ‘that’s amazing’ and let’s look around here and see if there is somewhere else we can put one. And now, doing this one, there are a few other businesses in town that are going to have her freshen up signs or maybe do some more murals,” said Galena City Councilman Robert Laturner.

The museum’s project goal was to remember and take the town back to its mining roots.

However, this time around, Pemberton says it’s all about paying homage to a local legend, in the park which bears his name.

“We are painting a tribute to Pappy Litch, which is what the park is named after here in Galena, Kansas. He was an old-timer who was here forever, he’s responsible for moving the train depot from the track, to where the museum is now, and was just locally loved,” said Pemberton.

Placed on historic Route 66, each year Galena sees many visitors from all over the world.

City leaders believe this mural could extend the amount of time visitors spend in the area.

“We have people, of course, we are on Route 66, and people come through here every day. I was just talking to Renee, and she told me they had two busloads of people that came through yesterday, and to have something like this, you know they all stop and take pictures of it and stuff and it just gets them to get out their vehicles and look around a little bit. It’s just really cool to me,” said Laturner.

“People from all over the world, it’s been awesome. I talked to people from Spain, France, and just all over. So now, they will get an opportunity to stand in front of it and take pictures,” said Pemberton.

Pemberton said she should be finished with the mural, by Wednesday evening.