COLUMBUS, Kan. — Hundreds gathered in Columbus, this weekend, for quite the colorful show in the sky.

The annual Columbus Day Festival’s own “Hot Air Balloon Regatta” took off last night and again today (Saturday).

This is the 34th year for the unique hot air balloon show, sponsored by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

And after checking to make sure the winds were safe, nine massive hot air balloons set up, taking off for the skies.

“I really enjoy doing this and I love working with our pilots. Our pilots are just so easy to work with and such. And it’s a fun event. And it’s a gorgeous event,” said Jean Pritchett, Chamber of Commerce Member.

Each one of those hot air balloons has names too, such as “Odd Duck,” “Twister,” and “Humbly Lifted.”

You can still catch one more lift-off this weekend; that’s tomorrow evening between 7 and 7:30 at Industrial Park.