BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — A local church takes time, this evening (Sunday) — pouring love, support, and appreciation into their city police department.

It’s the 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social held just for members of the Baxter Springs Police Department, the reserve officers — along with their families.

The event is part of a nationwide effort called “Faith and Blue Weekend” — created three years ago.

Members of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Baxter Springs served each officer and family member their favorite ice cream — with all the toppings needed for that perfect sundae.

Following the sweet treats — the church congregation prayed over the police department for safety and protection.

“The greatest gift that we can give our men and women in blue, our law enforcement community, is our prayers because the task that they have been called to do is one that most people would never enter into, to that career or that desire to serve. So, the gift that we can give to them is God’s protection, God’s hand over them,” said Pastor Shane Dotson, Fellowship Baptist Church.

And the energetic pup you see on your screen (below) is the department’s K-9 officer, Negan.

He was offered a “Pup Cup” for all of his hard work — but his tennis ball was a little too distracting.