CARTHAGE, Mo. — A southwest Missouri community is spreading the word about an upcoming vote on a marijuana sales tax.

The City of Carthage’s website breaks down the potential three-percent tax on retail sales of adult-use marijuana.

Sales started last month — and included a state sales tax but no local taxes. It’s estimated that would raise 50 to $100,000 in Carthage.

City leaders say the money would go into general revenue — and is not earmarked for anything specific.

“We don’t really know where we’re going to need it. So it seemed a little foolhardy to specifically say we’re going to spend it on say, police, when that may not be all where that tax revenue is needed. Put it in general, that pretty much covers all our operations. So if we decide to focus on a certain area, we can always do that,” said Greg Dagnan, Carthage City Administrator.

Carthage isn’t alone, nine cities and seven counties are asking for the local marijuana sales tax.

Voters will decide on Tuesday, April 4th.