CARTHAGE, Mo. — A student-led service project at Mark Twain Elementary in Carthage enters its final phase. Students from the Carthage Intermediate Center stopped by yesterday to help Mrs. Simpson’s second-grade class make blankets.

The class raised around $350 to benefit St. Luke’s nursing home by running a coffee shop. Around 60 kids have had a hand in the project — and they all have a unique role to play.

“It’s a bit of a passion project for them, because they got to choose what role they want to serve in, what committee, whether it’s the art committee. There’s lots of different ones that can serve their individual interests. And then be able to see all those other skills, so speaking and listening to adults and making change. There’s lots of stuff that’s been wrapped into this that our students learn from it. But they just feel so empowered to complete this project,” said Jennifer Dillard, Principal, Mark Twain Elementary.

The kids will finish out the project by bringing the blankets to St. Luke’s nursing home.