CARTHAGE, Mo. — Winter is right around the corner, and with that in mind, Spire Energy is giving customers tips for lowering their gas bill.

Spire Energy weatherization specialists say a home that’s been weatherized can save an annual 35% in fuel usage. Things like adjusting your thermostat by 8 to 10 degrees at night can help save money.

“That’s been proven to give about a 10% discount to help on your bill,” said Mike Fornelli, Spire Energy Southwest Regional Manager.

Some other tips include making sure all windows are properly sealed and insulated.

“Cracks in windows in the glass are not good. That’s where drafts are going to come through round the window casings behind the tree. And there are a lot of older homes that didn’t insulate in between the casing of the window and the actual framing. And that lets a lot of draft in actually.”

Aside from windows, Fornelli said you need to make sure your doors are good to go.

“Things settle and your doors get cracks and they become uneven, and there are door sweeps you can get, there’s insulation tape and stuff like that that you can get and put around your doors to where they should seal from the outside elements.”