CARTHAGE, Mo. — Two Carthage teachers are the next recipients of an award that exemplifies educational excellence.

Kiley Kyte at Fairview Elementary School and Rebekah Kelly at the Carthage Intermediate Center were both presented with the “Tiger Pride Kindness Award.”

We caught up with Kelly at the C.I.C. as a long-time educator, and Carthage Schools legendary teacher Laurel Rosenthal presented her with the award.

Rosenthal spent 55 years in the Carthage School system as a teacher and principal – the award honors her, as well as her longtime friend, the late Helen-Louise Ellif.

“They’ll decide on a project with their class and will receive 250 dollars to do their project, and when they finish their project, they will get two hundred and fifty dollars for themselves, and my only stipulation was they have to spend the two hundred and fifty dollars after the project is done on their own self,” said Laurel Rosenthal, Award Presenter.

“I’m going to purchase some flat rocks and some paint for the students at the Intermediate Center to paint the rocks hopefully some kindness words and some pretty decorations to place around our community to help encourage others that find those rocks,” said Rebekah Kelly, Tiger Kindness Award Winner.

Kelly was a student of Rosenthal’s at Mark Twain Elementary.