CARTHAGE, Mo. — A one-million-dollar project in Carthage will vastly improve things in parts of the downtown square.

Streetscaping work — thanks to a Missouri Community Revitalization Grant — will fund new sidewalks, lighting, and more.

The grant comes from federal “ARPA” money and will actually cover half of the costs.

The other half will be covered by the city.

That’s good news for the square — some parts more than others.

“As you get over to the west side, those buildings are a lot older. There are a lot of coal shafts under the sidewalks, that’s probably the most expensive part of the project. What we’re trying to do is preserve all that history, leave that there, but have great sidewalks,” said Greg Dagnan, Carthage City Admin.

The “Community Revitalization Grant” was approved for 70 projects across the state.

The grand total — 94 million dollars.