CARTHAGE, Mo. — An area high school confirms they were victim of a “swatting” call.

Around 2 PM today (3/27), Carthage High School underwent lockdown protocol per the police department’s request, according to a release. However, authorities soon confirmed no such threat was ever present and it was just a false alarm.

Authorities added no students or staff were injured as a result of the lockdown.

‘Swatting’ involves erroneously reporting a threat to local law enforcement, prompting a SWAT team or equivalent emergency response team to respond to the alarm despite no such danger existing. Typically, the caller will falsely report a bomb threat, armed person, or other serious threat at an address, in this case area schools, to harass or possibly even maim their target.

A number of local schools received the “swatting” calls today. Carl Junction sent a note to parents, explaining the procedures they took today.

According to the note sent to parents, “This morning, the district received an email from state officials informing of the high potential of this occurring in Missouri today.”

In 2017, a Wichita, Kansas man was killed in a swatting incident after a prankster used an old address while attempting to ‘SWAT’ a different individual. The victim opened his door and was shot by police responding to the call.