CARTHAGE, Mo. — Officials at the Carthage Technical Center are welcoming some fresh faces into their Engineering Hall of Fame.

Every year, junior civil engineer and architecture students at the Carthage Tech Center build their own 3D house models.

With more than 50 styles to choose from, including Japanese Pagoda, farmhouse, and southern colonial, students went through the whole process of designing and building a house, just on a much smaller scale.

Their models were compared to the work of students from prior years, with the goal of taking the top spot in their category, giving them a place in the Tech Center’s “Engineering Hall of Fame.”

“I was friends with the guy who did it before, and I remember I went up to him and said, ‘I’m gonna kick your house out,’ playing a game, and I wanted to make one that was hard enough to where the years that are coming up are going to try and avoid it so they don’t have to make one that’s better,” said Ethan Scott, Carthage junior / Hall of Fame inductee.

“I definitely think like, being in these classes will help me grow and learn new skills for my future,” said Jenna Calhoon, Carthage junior / Hall of Fame inductee.

10 total students were given top honors and will have their houses put up against future classes.