CARTHAGE, Mo. — A whole lot of running was happening Friday morning in Carthage.

The annual “Jog-A-Thon” at Steadley Elementary. It’s a fundraiser for the school’s PTO. The goal this year – $10,000.

Kids in kindergarten through the 3rd grade ran laps as did some of their parents. They went out and got sponsorships before the race – with the number of laps raising different amounts.

“We’re raising money so we can do a jog-a-thon. I like running with my friends,” said Seth Cristy, a 3rd grader at Steadley Elementary.

“Not like a fundraiser where they try to go out and sell things. They are working for their money and so it gives them more ownership and in earning that money,” said Lisa Northup, Steadley Elementary Principal.

The money will go towards a handful of school projects.