CARTHAGE, Mo. — Salaries are going under the microscope, as the Jasper County Commission takes a look at how much they pay employees — and whether those numbers need to change.

A consulting firm has been hired to conduct a salary study — looking at how much workers in other counties make.

The results will be compared to what the 320 full and part-time ones in Jasper County earn.

This is the first time the county has commissioned a salary study — something that they say is crucial, given current economic conditions.

“CPI was I think over eight percent this year, and wages are not rising that fast — so we just want to make sure that our people have enough money to live,” said Sarah Hoover, Jasper Co. Auditor.

County leaders say it’s still unclear how much it will cost to bring up underfunded salaries — but they add — money has been set aside for raises.