CARTHAGE, Mo. — There was a huge turnout at the “Lucky J Steakhouse and Arena” this weekend for the series of “Racin for Cash” barrel races.

It was all organized by the “Hooey Junior Patriot” group.

Over 140 participants competed just today and over 240 competed on Saturday.

The divisions range in age from five years old and up.

The two-day event was sanctioned by professional organizations to help racers qualify for the National Rodeo finals.

Ten qualifying barrel racers will travel to Fort Worth, Texas in march to compete with over 6,000 racers for $1,500,000 dollars in prize money.

Throughout this weekend, the “Hooey Junior Patriot Group” paid out over $20,000 to winners.

“We do have a lot of younger competitors. We’re really excited to see those because there’s tons of interest in that, you know, that gets them rodeo scholarships. They can go on to college and compete and get full-ride scholarships to college with that, you know, horse equine events teach you a lot of self-discipline. You know a lot of work ethic,” said Jennifer Gundy, producer, Racin for cash barrel races.

There are more upcoming events for “Racin for Cash.”

If you are interested in checking out the event schedule, you can visit their Facebook page, here.