CARTHAGE, Mo. — Some area students start up their own food trucks, and did so without leaving the classroom.

Carthage High School students have been working together to create their own miniature food trucks.

The project involved marketing, machine, and culinary students who take classes at the “Carthage Technology Center”, and it was the marketing kids who played a huge role in getting the project off the ground.

“They came up with the concept, the design, the vision, the menu uh what they want to sell and then our machine class actually used our laser machine to cut out the trucks, and then our culinary students picked one item from the menu and created that piece of food,” said Monica Curl, Carthage Tech Marketing Teacher

“It was really fun, so at the beginning, we did have to research food trucks but then we also had to research like prices, cause you know with inflation going on we had to make this a realistic project, and then we had to you know to create a logo, we had to come up with colors because it had to be aesthetically pleasing so people do come to the food truck,” said Marvin Ordonez, Carthage Tech Marketing Student

“I made and prepared the food, I used a flour tortilla, I used Ground beef, I used cilantro, I also used tomatoes and onions,” said Rual Lopez, Carthage Tech Culinary Student

Each one of the trucks were judged today in a variety of categories.

Marvin Ordonez’s entry was the winner. He says he wants to be a graphic artist after high school.