CARTHAGE, Mo. — Students in the Carthage School District got a day off today (Monday), but class was still in session for teachers.

The district brought in consultants from Solution Tree for educators to learn more about what’s called the “PLC Model.”

It stands for “Professional Learning Communities.”

The program helps schools come together to better focus on how to help their specific students.

For Carthage, it’s one of the only times they’ve brought all teachers together in this capacity — the goal is to get everyone on the same page.

“This isn’t about fixing something that’s broken. This is about continuous improvement and how can we constantly learn together and support each other to continually get better. Our kids change over time, our culture changes over time, and, in order to meet those needs, we have to be learners as adults, if we’re going to meet our students’ needs,” said Scott Carr, Solution Tree Consultant.

“How we can come together through collaboration and work together to create cycles of learning for ourselves that can then impact future outcomes for our students,” said Dr. Matt Huntley, Carthage Schools Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.

Pre-K through 5th-grade teachers were part of the program at the Intermediate Center.

6th through 12th-grade teachers met at the high school.