CARTHAGE, Mo. — Central Park in Carthage is the home of celebrating Hispanic heritage and culture, today (Saturday).

The entire celebration is put on by the Carthage-based non-profit group Hispanic Connection — and this is the 3rd year for the event.

Hispanic culture is celebrated in every way possible, today — with plenty of food from all over Central and South America, live music performances with colorful dances, and all kinds of activities, a car show, vendors, and art to enjoy as well.

Members of Hispanic Connection tell us — today’s celebration has proven to be the biggest out of the last three years.

“For us, this feels like family. Because, as far as our heritage goes, we always have gatherings, we always are together, we talk to each other, we do things. So, this is kind of like that because we want everybody to feel welcome, we want you to feel like, you know, you’re part of this family,” said Maria Marroquin, Hispanic Connection Founding Member.

This event is actually still ongoing, organizers tell us, the party won’t stop until around 11 p.m., tonight.

Once the weekend is over, they get right back to the whiteboard — already planning for next year.