CARTHAGE, Mo. — It’s not unusual for someone to retire from one occupation, and then start an entirely new one.

That’s the case of a retired Missouri Southern professor, who is turning her knowledge of fractions and geometry into a new life purpose.

Dr. Linda Hand, Owner, Going Places – “I’ve really been sewing since I was in high school, but you know, sort of life takes you away from that kind of thing.”

Dr. Linda Hand spent 30 years teaching in the math department at MSSU and retired in 2018.

But retirement didn’t take, and she decided to pick up where she left off with her first love of sewing.

Specifically, outfits that fit other name-brand dolls, but at a lower cost,

Then one thing leads to another.

Dr. Linda Hand, Owner, Going Places – “Started making doll clothes that I took to craft shows, and then I decided I wanted to have my own dolls made so I had these two dolls made and then I decided that I had enough dolls that I could open a doll store and so that’s why I have a store.”

Whether it’s a brand name doll, or her own brand of doll, called “Going Places,” she stocks all the accessories that any fashion doll would need.

And she’s even expanded her product line to include siblings.

Dr. Linda Hand, Owner, Going Places – “Once I realized little girls have brothers, I decided I probably better get some things that boys would like and so we started with some cars and then we moved into building blocks.”

Growing up, she knew she wanted to do one of two things, either teach, or be a fashion designer, in a sense, she’s done both.

Dr. Linda Hand, Owner, Going Places – “And then after my kids grew up and I retired from school, I started sewing doll clothes because of the design factor, you can design them to look how you want them to look and make a pattern yourself and you can make them special.”

In case you’re wondering, Going Places is located just behind Taco Town.