CARTHAGE, Mo. — Bargain hunters weren’t the only ones to benefit from a community garage sale this past weekend.

It’s been a busy few days for volunteers inside Crosslines of Carthage.

Many of the items that weren’t sold during that community’s citywide garage sale the past weekend were brought to the ministry.

As a result, executive director Toni Smith says they’ve had a huge influx of clothing and household items.

“But as we’ve raised awareness in all different levels, a lot of people previously didn’t know that we have a store, that we did the clothing, and all the other things that we do, more and more people bring us things now,” said Toni Smith, Carthage Crosslines Executive Director.

Smith says she actually had to turn away a truckload of more items today because space is limited inside the building and her volunteers can only go through what’s already there so quickly.