CARTHAGE, Mo. — Carthage High School head boys basketball coach, Nathan Morris, knows a thing or two about competition.

Wednesday, he witnessed a different kind involving a different type of round object: a “pumpkin painting contest” for the kids in his special education classes. Some of the teachers were part of it as well. The students will take these pumpkins home for Halloween, but they decided to mix in a little competitive fun before doing so.

“Well, I’m autistic, so I think it’s fun and it’s cool and I get to paint and stuff,” said Carlos Henley, CHS Junior.

And do you enjoy coming in every day and hanging out with your friends?

“Yes, indeed,” replied Henley.

“We chose painting. We tried to carve last year. Somehow, we didn’t lose any digits, but we made quite a mess. So we went with painting this year,” said Morris.

So, do you like Halloween? Is it one of your favorite holidays.

“Yeah,” said Tyra Schaefer, CHS Senior.

What do you like about it so much?

“I like to go trick or treating with my Mom… and my Dad.”

“We have a cool store next door called The Tiger Outback where these guys work in there, learn how to socialize with classmates, deal with money. So they’re gonna earn a voucher. Everybody loves to come down here and spend their money at The Tiger Outback,” said Morris.

The winners were announced Wednesday afternoon, but, of course, they told us everyone was a winner.