CARTHAGE, Mo. — A landmark ballfield in Carthage is out of commission for the foreseeable future. An inspection of Carl Lewton Stadium, also known as Rock Stadium, deemed it unfit and unsafe for general use.

It is about 85 years old and has experienced some extensive issues with the grandstand area.

The recently hired parks and rec director discovered the extent of the damage on a tour of city facilities and said they are looking for options to repair the grandstand.

“The bleachers area, a lot of water has gotten into that concrete. It is very unsafe for people. If someone was to have an accident in there, it will be held liable. Of course, once we were informed of the severity of it then we have no other option,” said Abi Almandinger, Carthage Parks Director.

It’s the home stadium for the Carthage high school baseball team. It has the option of practicing on the field, but won’t be able to play there until repairs are made.