CARTHAGE, Mo. — An area park with a tie to the Civil War now has a replica of a weapon used by both sides.

Central Park in Carthage is hallowed ground when it comes to the Civil War. Soldiers who died during the Battle of Carthage were originally buried there. Thanks to the Deffenbaugh Trust, a replica of a 1841 cannon, used by both sides, was unveiled in the park on Friday.

Dr. Larry Deffenbaugh said the purpose of the weapon is to promote interest in the war, in which members of the same families in Jasper County, in some instances, fought against each other.

“This particular type of cannon was used throughout the Civil War, basically half the Confederates used it, the Union troops used it as well, about a total of 853 were produced,” said Dr. Deffenbaugh.

Deffenbaugh said there aren’t many of the authentic cannons still around because they were melted down to make weapons during World War II. This non-firing replica was made in the same foundry the U.S. Park Service uses.

The bodies of the soldiers buried in Central Park were re-interred in Springfield.