CARTHAGE, Mo. — Several businesses in Carthage came together to kick off the holiday shopping season. The Carthage Chamber of Commerce hosted the first “Holiday Sip & Shop” at the Gaderian, located on the Carthage square. Those who attended tonight’s event were able to sample many types of appetizers, buy holiday gifts, and try several different varieties of wine – all from 15 small businesses located in Carthage, who came together under one roof.

The idea behind the Holiday Sip & Shop is to boost awareness of local businesses, some of which are not the typical brick-and-mortar stores, but rather e-businesses that only sell their products online. Carthage Chamber President, Julie Reams said this event will help keep holiday shopping dollars local, which is a good thing for the city.

“This is what we do as a Chamber. We step up, not only this time of the year, but all throughout the year to help out local businesses. When they’re doing well, of course the community and the city is doing well,” said Julie Reams, President and CEO of the Carthage Chamber of Commerce.

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Reams said tonight’s event helps get everyone get into the holiday mood, and is a start to other events that are planned for Carthage, including “Small Business Saturday,” which takes place on November 26th.