CARTHAGE, Mo. — A Carthage business will soon expand, and will do so, less than two years after opening its doors.

The “Blue Sage Cannabis Deli” broke ground Tuesday, where its new facility will sit.

Its current location is on “Peach Tree Lane,” but the new one won’t be far. It’ll sit on “The Loop,” just off of I-49.

“We are going to be adding quite a few more employees to meet the demand. And kind of shimmy-ing around this space that we have right now, in hopes that the other location will be done within 3 to 4 months,” said Boston Dickerson, CEO, Blue Sage Cannabis Deli.

The move comes following Missouri’s legalization of recreational marijuana.

“Blue Sage” submitted the application to sell it recreationally on December 8th.

“Hopefully, that will be approved within the 60-day window. And then, February 7th will be the date that we can start selling to the public,” said Dickerson.

Officials with the “Carthage Chamber of Commerce” said the revenue from medical marijuana is already making an impact on the economy.

“It’s a huge tax resource here in our community. It’s also part of using those dollars to help our parks, our infrastructure, all of those things that make our city, you know, work,” said Julie Reams, President, Carthage Chamber Of Commerce.

Dickerson says medical marijuana tax revenue goes even further than community development.

“I don’t think people realize that the medical marijuana program has donated 4 percent of all tax revenue to a veterans fund. So, I think the number is over 20 million dollars now that the medical marijuana community has given back to the veterans,” added Dickerson.

Other officials with the dispensary say the community response has surprised them.

“I grew up in Carthage, so, when I heard we were going to have a dispensary here, I wasn’t sure how it would be accepted by the community, but it’s been nothing but positivity since day one,” said Adam Murphy, Director Of Retail, Blue Sage Cannabis Deli.