CARTHAGE, Mo. — You’re familiar with food drives for things like canned veggies and macaroni and cheese, but how about one focused on something sweeter?

“Jasper County 4-H” is hosting a birthday cake kit drive.

Officials are asking for cake mix, tubs of frosting, candles, and sprinkles.

The list also includes 12-ounce cans of soda, which can substitute for eggs and oil.

The donations will go to the “Salvation Army” and “Crosslines Ministries.”

“We’re going to donate to those. I spoke with the lady at Crosslines the other day, she’s very excited because she has a birthday wall where they have small gifts. When parents come in, their kids have birthdays, they get to pick a gift. So she’s going to incorporate these birthday kits into her gifts,” said Janie Garner, MU Extension Youth Program.

Listed below are sites accepting donations:

  • Carthage AT&T
  • MU Extension Office
  • Race Brothers
  • Midwest Ag
  • Route 66 Theater
  • Bailey’s Family Dining
  • Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce
  • Cycle Connection