CARTHAGE, Mo. — Teachers in Carthage are using a popular baking ingredient to help teach valuable skills.

Students in the Carthage Tech Center’s Family and Consumer Science class spent their day in a “Bisquick Bake Off.” Students were split into six teams, and each student was given a specific job, like head chef or dishwasher.

The rules are simple – students can make whatever they want out of Bisquick, as long as it isn’t pancakes, waffles, or biscuits. Once they choose a recipe, they have to research ingredients and pick what they’ll need while staying within a budget.

Teachers said the idea is to help them learn valuable real-world skills in a fun and creative way.

“I think it really plays into their employability skills and since we’re a part of the tech center, that’s one of the main focuses of this class. It gives them customer service experience and experience working with others and taking pride in something that they made,” said Courtney Martinie, Carthage HS FACS Teacher.

“We don’t always have the resources to make the foods, and we need to be able to learn how to substitute for other things, because we don’t always have flour. Use Bisquick,” saidHali Crouch, Carthage HS Sophomore.

Once the baking was finished, teachers and staff were invited in to judge the finished product and pick a winner. This is the second year for the “Bisquick Bake Off” at the Carthage High School Tech Center.