CARTHAGE, Mo. — Some junior high students in Carthage get a special visit from a pretty busy head football coach.

“Andy Reid” made a stop, this morning, at Carthage Junior High – of course, it wasn’t the real head coach of the Chiefs.

That’s Doug Dickey — who used to be the district’s D.A.R.E officer. This, all part of today’s theme — “Win Wednesday.”

Everyone was excited — and that includes the teachers.

“You are here this morning to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs. They’re in the Super Bowl, baby! My very best friend happens to be married to an Andy Reid impersonator. It was about 3 or 4 years ago, and he was dressed up in his Chiefs garb, and we were talkin’ about how much he looked like Andy Reid. And it just grew and grew from there,” said Tiffany Stringer, Carthage Jr. High PE Teacher.

“I have to be careful that people don’t, across the hallway don’t see what I’m talking about, but I’m here, basically in celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl game. Some people may think it’s premature, but since we plan on winning, it’s not. We have a lot of Chiefs fans here at Carthage Junior High School, so I felt it was important to, to, to come here and show some support, get some pictures, and, of course, if I find any students sleeping, they know what they’re gonna get. And how ’bout those… Chiefs! Yes!” said Doug Dickey, “Andy Reid”.

Tomorrow’s theme, Travis – as in Kelce – Throw Back Thursday.