CARTHAGE, Mo. — It was a group effort yesterday morning in Carthage to “round-up” kindergarteners for the new school year. The school district has opened the enrollment process for the class of 2036. Officials are expecting a large contingent of youngsters.

This was kind of a one-stop shop. Families got the chance to connect with community resources, find out which elementary school they want their child to attend, and learn about special programs.

“We have found that by bringing all the resources together its kind of a one-stop shop for parents and we are able to get the right people in the room to have the conversations rather than say, ‘oh wait a second, let me go call and see if I can get that answer for you.’ We’re all right here,” said Beth Hunt, Curriculum Director, Carthage School District.

Folks who missed the event can call the district office to set up an appointment.

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