CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — A local college student is combining the resources of his small business – with his love for Christmas – to brighten the community.

“Just to bring the holiday spirit back, and we do it at a fair price,” said Braxten Cahoon, Apex Automotive Customization co-owner.

That idea prompted Braxten Cahoon to do something new this holiday season.

He usually details and upgrades cars – but is spending the next couple of months participating in one of the latest holiday trends – hanging Christmas lights, professionally.

“It’s not gonna be too hard to have yourself commit to and it just brings back the community and makes everything light up again.”

Cahoon is a freshman at Crowder College and the co-owner of Apex Automotive Customization.

He tells us the average cost of hanging Christmas lights in the US is around $500, but says Apex is only charging around $300.

“We try and do it fairly and try and make the community better,” said Cahoon.

Cahoon believes a big reason why more and more people are getting their lights professionally done – is due to the difficulty associated with doing it yourself.

“It’s really starting to take off, and it’s a challenge up there, it’s definitely not easy, something everyone wishes was easier, but something everyone wants to do so, we try and do it,” said Cahoon.

And he credits his grandparents for his love of the holiday.

“The grandparents are really the inspiration; they take Christmas seriously over there. We always stay over there every Christmas, and it’s just a blast,” said Cahoon.

Cahoon says he is open to just about any size of project in the Four States.