CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — A Carl Junction man has raised over $1,000 for a good cause.

Richard Housley has been growing pumpkins since June. Richard then sells those pumpkins and donates all the money to the “Joplin Humane Society” and the “Children’s Haven of Southwest Missouri.”

This is Richard’s second year in a row growing and selling these pumpkins for charity.

Last year, he did it just for fun and raised over $200

This year, Richard and his daughter have met their goal of raising $100 for the “Joplin Humane Society” and $1,000 for the “Children’s Haven of Southwest Missouri.”

“Animals and kids are our favorite, they are not really in control of the situation they can be put in so we just try to help those and we love volunteering for them and trying to help them out any way we can,” said Richard Housley, Fundraising for Local Charities.

And it’s more than just pumpkins.

Richard buys old bikes, fixes them, and has donated over 65 bikes to local children.

He also makes and donates wooden toy boxes, and often sells lemonade with his daughter, donating all the proceeds.