CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — It’s West Point for a local high school senior, who’s getting ready for life after graduation.

Carl Junction student Sammie Sims has gotten official notification — she’s part of the class of 2027.

With a father and brothers with military service, it’s continuing a family tradition.

Sims said she committed to months of essay writing, applications, and physical fitness to get that approval.

It’s a far cry from a year ago when she just knew the military was not for her – until a campus visit last summer.

“I absolutely fell in love. I love the campus. I met so many different people from all over the country and I even met cadets there. That’s like the whole leadership and things are good to go and you get the experience of what like a week at west point would be like, and I went and I loved it,” said Sims.

Sims plans to study psychology at West Point which she will then use for five years of active service after that graduation.

She is one of just two Carl Junction students accepted at the military academy in 40 years.