JOPLIN, Mo. — Some Joplin area residents will soon have the chance to *see* the blues–as in bluebirds.

The Missouri Department of Conservation will host a Bluebird Basics workshop at the Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center a week from tomorrow.

Those in attendance will also be able to build and take home a bluebird nesting box.

“Why we’re talkin’ about bluebird boxes is ’cause February is when they nest. Bluebirds are one of the earlier nesting species in Missouri. People have built bluebird boxes for a long time, and I think maybe a lot of people think they’re just like oh feelgood, scout projects or kid projects. They have actually helped bluebird populations come back in North America,” said Francis Skalicky, MDC.

The Eastern Bluebird, of course, is Missouri’s official state bird.

The workshop runs from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 18th.

 It’s free and open to all ages. Registration can be done through this link here.