JOPLIN, Mo. — “Bright Futures Joplin” is getting a federal funding boost worth thousands of dollars.

$25,000, to be exact, from the “American Rescue Plan Act.”

The money will be used for the Bright Futures Snack Pack Program.

The budget for the school year is around $60,000, so staff say the grant awarded is almost half the yearly budget.

It comes at a time when the organization is seeing a large number of students truly food-insecure and likely not eating unless they’re at school.

“Each week, we’re sending out 545 bags packed with nutrition for the weekend. So, they’re about 3.75 or 4 dollars per bag. So, it adds up really quickly,” said Amanda Stone, Bright Futures Joplin Executive Director.

The executive director also notes a simple way the community can support the program.

Donations and food drives that collect mac and cheese cups or chicken noodle soup are more than welcome.