FORT SCOTT, Kan. — The Gordon Parks billboard in Fort Scott gets a makeover.

A grant from the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation means the Gordon Parks billboard located north on Highway 69 gets an upgrade.

The Gordon Parks Museum matched the grant to complete the purchase of the billboard for a cost around $4,000

Due to high winds, the billboard had sustained significant damage.

Museum Director Kirk Sharp says the new design will allow drivers to read the billboard driving at fast speeds.

“Drivers are only going to get so long to pay attention to that. And we got a lot of our visitors that take notice of the sign and they’ll stop in because they’ve seen the billboard. They didn’t know that Gordon Parks was from Fort Scott or didn’t know we had the museum. So a lot of visitors will stop by because of that, and it’s also a great attraction for the community,” said Kirk Sharp, Gordon Parks Museum Executive Director.

Sharp also says the billboard often brings in tourists to Fort Scott as well.