FORT SCOTT, Ks. — Golfers were up nice and early this morning to make a difference.

Golfers from 5 states tee’d off in Fort Scott for the fifth annual Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office Golf Scramble.

All the money raised will be going towards Special Olympics Kansas, specificially helping 11 counties in Southeast Kansas.

Over 240 people competed today, including some big names.

Former Atlanta Braves centerfielder Otis Nixon, Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown and Les “Peewee” Harrison from the Harlem Globetrotters, and progolfer and trick shot champion Rocky Shipes.

“With the kind of hospitality that they were showing us, we knew. When you’ve done this as long as I have, I knew that this was going to be the kind of event that people do it the right way, and that’s a pleasure for me for a change. It’s just a no-brainer to be involved with Special Olympics, it’s one of my favorite,” says Rocky Shipes, Golf Entertainer.

“It’s an unbelieveable feeling to have everybody come out. People think we can do this in a week, Ben and I do this, it’s 10/11 months out of the year we’re getting ready for this thing,” says Steve Anthony, Tournament Organizer.

According to Anthony, the first four scrambles have helped raise over $80,000 for Special Olympics Kansas.