FORT SCOTT, Kan. — Some folks in Southeast Kansas took a glimpse into some state and national history.

The Fort Scott National Historic Site hosted Dr. Tai Edwards from Johnson County Community College in Overland Park.

Dr. Edwards shared her knowledge of how 19th-century U.S. Indian policy worked in Kansas, as well as the entire U.S.

She has her PhD in U.S. history, with a focus on indigenous peoples and colonization.

Dr. Edwards is currently a history professor at JCC, and is an officer in the Kansas Association of Historians, and the Kansas Association for Native American Education.

“Two things that are important when we think about this is there’s a lot of invisibility for indigenous peoples historically, but also indigenous peoples in the present. So a lot of people don’t know even in Kansas that there are four tribal nations in the state, today, Prairie Band, Potawatomi Kickapoo, Second Fox, and Ioway are all indigenous nations that have their reservation land bases, and tribal headquarters here,” said Dr. Tai Edwards, History Professor at Johnson County Community College.

Dr. Edwards also has a book titled “Osage Women and Empire”.

It was published by the University Press of Kansas in 2018.