LAMAR, Mo. — Summer has now passed — but one local community is already taking a look at its public pool situation.

A town hall meeting was held this evening (Tuesday) in Lamar’s “Thiebaud Auditorium” by city mayor Rick Oeltjen.

The purpose was to inform community members about the pool’s current status.

It hasn’t been open since 2021 due to a number of major cosmetic and pipe damages.

Officials say a total replacement would cost five million dollars.

Repairs would cost three million dollars.

Mayor Oeltjen simply wanted to hear from residents, tonight.

“There appears to be a need. And what we’re also trying to focus on is bringing people back into our community to spend time here. And I think a pool of some sort… we have a beautiful park, if we have a pool in that park, it would accent that very nicely,” said Mayor Rick Oeltjen, City of Lamar.

“We have a generation that spent their summers not having a pool. And also, you know, we have a generation that is older here, too, and their own children or grandchildren sometimes don’t want to come visit for the weekend or the week,” said Susan Roland, lifelong resident of Lamar.

Mayor Oeltjen says there’s no timeline on when a decision will be made — but ultimately, it will come from city council members.