GOLDEN CITY, Mo. — A retired U.S. Marine moves into his new home in Golden City, a home he’s receiving mortgage free. We introduce you to Sergeant David Wyble, and show you how a national program helped him find his new home.

“I’m still in shock a little bit,” said Sgt. David Wyble, United States Marine Corps.

Thursday, Wyble moved into to his new home in Golden City.

“Everything in the house has superior craftsmanship to it, and it’s a lot bigger than I originally imagined in the first place,” he said.

Wyble, a retired sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, received this home 100% mortgage free – courtesy of the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

“We give 100% mortgage free homes to combat wounded veterans, gold star spouses and their families in all 50 states,” said Allison Peterson, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Director of Donor Development.

Since 2010, Military Warriors Support Foundation has provided more than 900 mortgage free homes in all 50 states through their Homes4WoundedHeroes and Homes4GoldStars programs.
And the support doesn’t stop there.

“That’s one of the things about our programs, is that if you’re awarded a home, a vehicle, whatever it is, it’s not just giving you the home and walk away, we actually walk with you for three years,” said Peterson.

That includes things like financial counseling and helping them build their credit.

For Wyble, this is will be the first home he’s ever owned.

“There was a time when I came out of like PTSD and alcohol treatment, I was pretty homeless because I got COVID,” said Wyble.

Now that he has his house, he says the next step is making Golden City his home.

“I want to come be a good citizen over here in the fine city of Golden City, to grow and become a part of the community,” he said.

Once Wyble completes the three year program, the home will be deeded to him – 100% mortgage free.