LAMAR, Mo. — There was quite the battle at the Lamar City Park, this afternoon (Sunday).

The Lamar LARPing Realm Grimmvale hosted a live-action roleplay.

“LARP” means Live-Action Role Play, commonly involving costumes or cosplay. Today’s LARP theme was “Ride to the Wildhunt.”

Everyone headed to battle with play swords, shields, and bows and arrows, and many of these props are handmade using styrofoam.

Participants tell us, this activity is all about having fun with each other.

“It’s a great community like just from starting this three years ago I’ve made such wonderful friends doing it. I do it with my wife for a reason; it’s kind of how we met, to be honest. Everyone is welcomed out even if you just want to come and watch. That happens all the time. Feel free to come out and watch,” said John “Lysander Harndstaht” Robinson, LARP Realm Captain.

The group commonly gets together for this activity, using Facebook to coordinate.

If you are interested in learning more about LARPing or joining the battlefield, you can find out more from the Grimmvale Facebook page, here.