LAMAR, Mo. — 100 years old. That’s an age only about one in every 5,000 Americans are able to reach, according to a recent study done by researchers at Boston University.

As of Sunday, Dorlyne Schorzman of Lamar will be one of them.

“Celebrating my 100th birthday. We’ve got four generations of my family (here), besides all my great friends and neighbors, everyone,” said Dorlyne Schorzman, turning 100 years old.

She moved to Lamar from St. Francis, Kansas, in 1947 and has been volunteering at the Barton County Senior Center for more than 20 years, counting money, welcoming new visitors, pretty much whatever they’ve needed from her.

In an attempt to say thank you for all her years of service, the center threw her a surprise birthday party Friday morning.

“She’s like all of our moms, you know, and she’s just such a joy to be around, such an inspiration. She’s the first one here for our workout class, she’s always the first one to welcome somebody new, and we all want to be more like her,” said Lauren Thornton, Barton County Senior Center Assistant Manager.

Schorzman also had a surprise visit from her grandchildren, who are from Fort Worth, Texas. They said that it’s clear how much this place means to their grandmother.

“Socializing, encouraging the other people to keep going, she gets involved in exercises. It just keeps her will to live and keep going, after her husband passed away, she still has a reason to be here,” said Brittany Cox, Schorzman’s granddaughter-in-law.

“I can’t believe all they did, they didn’t leave a thing out. I had one a year ago on my 99th, and this is almost bigger and better,” said Schorzman.

And, her secret for living a long and happy life?

“I worked hard all my life, and enjoyed it. I think, work hard, eat well, and exercise,” said Schorzman.

Happy birthday, Dorlyne.